Laugh Out Loud

Laugh Out Loud (LOL) is an eight-week program for middle and high school girls that teaches fundamentals of improv, sketch, and standup comedy.  The class builds confidence and emphasizes the following key skills:

– Public speaking: Our students perform in front of classmates and parents.

– Collaboration: Our students work together as writers and performers.

– Critical thinking: Our students give, receive, and incorporate constructive feedback.

– Creative problem-solving: Our students develop innovative comedic solutions to new challenges.  


In January, 2015, Femikaze launched LOL in partnership with Girls Inc. of Alameda County.  Our small class sizes are ideal for interaction and personal attention, and we plan to partner with additional organizations in the East Bay to empower more fearless, funny girls.  


What did you learn in this class? Responses from student evaluations:

“To not be afraid to be funny.”

“Comedic timing and how to think on my toes.”

“That it will brighten your day no matter what.”