Executive Director: Kelly Anneken
Associate Executive Director: Isa Hopkins
Teaching Artists: Carinne Salnave & Irene Tu
Performance Troupe: Kay-c Allen, Natasha Muse, Erin Lisette, Carinne Salnave, Kirsten Macauley, Evangeline Reilly, Allison Blackwell, Therese Garcia, Brit Frazier
Writers: Isa Hopkins, Kelly Anneken, Kay-c Allen, Natasha Muse, Evangeline Reilly, Therese Garcia, Elly Westberg.
Tech/Video: Dylan West, Zoe Salnave, Hilda Schmelling
Site Photography: Amber Gregory, Jessie Christiansen
Graphic Design: Suzanna Koolidge
Stand-up Comedians: Lydia Popovich, Karinda Dobbins, Colleen Watson, Shanti Charan, Kristee Ono, Reyna Amaya, Caitlin Gill, Chris Burns, Clare O’Kane, & Nina G.
We also acknowledge & appreciate the contributions of those who have worked with us in the past: Marga Gomez, Lydia Popovich, Taneseia Witt, Shannon Holbrooke, Elly Westberg, & Naomi Reagan.